The Junior Clinic Program at LACC starts shortly after school breaks for the summer and runs through the time they will go back to school. The program covers all aspects of golf including putting, short game, full swing, course management, and rules. There are many different clinics for the kids and with up to 3 sessions each week during the summer, there is always something for the kids. Whether they are up for the entire summer visiting, are here for just a couple sessions, or just a single one, there is something for all. Sessions are divided into age groups so all students are paired with kids around the same age range. The younger group, students 11 and younger, starts at 3 :00 and 12 and older group starts at 4:00. Each session runs approximately one hour and focuses on one to two topics per day. Junior Clinics are a great time to meet some new friends, learn something new about golf and to just have fun.